In Creation, Expression French Scripture-reading My rabbits run, jump, are cuddling.

In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading My rabbits run, jump, are cuddling. It is Caramel and Flocon. They sleep sometimes in bed They droppings. Nathan 2010-2011 1 comment 1 2 3 next> last »
For the School Blain 13/11/09 – 12:10 In: Literature Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth Lives: Stagnant waters (lakes, ponds, marshes, peatlands). It has six legs: 2 small at the front and 4 large at the back.

Its size: up to 5 cm Its color: brown and green His breathing: it breathes through its gills. The dragonfly larva 3 gills shaped sheet located at the end of the abdomen) Power supply: it is carnivorous Displacement: it moves in propelling his tail to catch prey. Anais Valerie before 2005
By Blain School on 13/11/09 – 24:13 In: Literature Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth Dragonfly Allure.

Abdomen broad, flat, brownish with tachesunes on the coasts. The two pairs of wings are a reddish-brown spot at the base. Larva: water. After incubation that can last 5 weeks of hatching larvae to be held on aquatic plants from the bottom on the lookout for passing prey. Development can take two years.

Habitat: standing or little running water (ponds, ponds, lakes …) Life cycle: mating occurs in flight and only lasts a few minutes. The female will then lay her eggs by touching the abdomen. We can meet adults away from water points in the woods, hedgerows, or gardens.

Melissa Angelina before 2005
By Blain School on 13/11/09 – 24:15 In: Literature Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth This is a mammal of the weasel family. Dimensions: Weight: 15 kg 6 Height: 30 cm Length: 60 – 80 cm Reproduction: Sexual maturity: male and 18 months – females 2 years.

Gestation: 61 – 74 days Laura before 2005
By Blain School on 13/11/09 – 11:49 In: Literature Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth Age: They can live up to 10 years. Dimensions: 9 to 10 cm. What does it eat? frogs eat flies, mosquitoes, and sometimes fry.

The evolution of the frog: the frog mates around March-April. The female lays 5,000 to 6,000 eggs after hatching of tadpoles will require 3 to 4 months for the tadpole becomes a frog. Gwenole before 2005
By Jacqueline Benais on 30/12/17 – 10:05 p.m.

In: Gr Arts and Creations testimony Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Principles> term-creation creations online review No. 236 “The way Millefeuilles” announced in the New Educator n. 236 – Published: February 2018 We did not find the perpetrators of these creations. If you know them, thank you to write to The Millefeuilles way, expressions Millefeuilles The way Save Save Save Print Add comment

By Jean-Charles Huver the 01/01/18 – 10:32 In: Region PACA> GD 06 – Region Alpes-Maritimes PACA> GD 83 – Var Course Dates: 27/02/18 – 09:00 – 02/03 / 18 – 17:00 Location: Annot in 04. Attachment Size 292.04 KB affiche_stage_2018.pdf annot_2018_inscription.odt 18.52 KB Add new comment

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1 result Results Renaissance Heritages In: Geo> History September 1989 Life as we know it today is the legacy of previous generations. This BT responds to what comes our of the period, very rich, Renaissance.

BT 2010 Heritages Renaissance Authors: Site BT ICEM and E.Mannhart 1 attachment
By Jacqueline Benais on 30/12/17 – 9:58 p.m. In: Gr Arts and Creations testimony Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Principles> term-creation creations online review No.

236 “The way Millefeuilles” announced in the New Educator n. 236 – Published: February 2018 kindergarten class and CP school Group Perollier the Villard St Christophe (Isere) – Teacher: Nathalie Lozinguez Embroidery Having seen past maternal list of exchanges around the practice of Freinet, the example of a table embroidery, I found the very good idea. I bought a small square coffee table promoting which I cut out the tray and closed the edges by cutting strips in the recovered tray.

I fixed the burlap by stapling below. This is not ideal for the change of canvas but I have not found the time to perfect the system. Students can embroider four simultaneously. They need help to prepare the son (the thread through the plastic needle, tying knots) because they can not do it alone.

They choose their color among the recovered balls here and there. They can also use wooden beads they decorated with paint pens. Nothing is imposed. They do what they want and stay as long as they want, often at home or in the late afternoon. The table is to remain in the classroom.

Like any creative activity, productions evolve according to each child and also the influences of each other. Last year, they made two collective charts this year. Corresponding we have sent gifts, I offered the children make individual embroidery drawing beforehand on a small canvas, they were not on the collective table. Sometimes the realization was very long but they were held there.

Some time later, I asked them what was going to prepare for Mother’s Day, they wanted absolutely do another embroidery. I was quite surprised, given the time and effort required had the first. So they made another personal design for moms on canvas fixed to frames hollowed pictures.

This year a new collective embroidery is in the works … The way Millefeuilles Save Save Save Print Add comment
For the School Aime Legall 01/01/18 – 10:59 In: Life of the cooperative class citizenship Adults (re) speak since the end of the last school year and early this year, a survey circulated, public meetings will be organized soon …

But children think of their school week? In class, we had a debate on this subject. Here is what has been said … The question asked: “You who have known the two organizations, a four-day school week and school week to five days, what do you think? ” What’s good with the organization homework helper
in five days, is that we have time to work but also to do other things after.

And then we more time, we press less. The days are interesting: we work, we have activities, we have time to be with our friend-e-s. Examples: By finishing school in 1530, I go home, I enjoy quietly and after I go to my activities when I do, I then 1:30 to do that if we ended as before at 16.30 and well I would have to release me, I taste quickly and I go fast, fast to my activities.

Me, it would not please me to have to do that. There, when you end the class at 15:30, it takes taste quietly together and then we leave to our business and then we can go home at different times, unhurried, and doing interesting things with the facilitators and animators. Wednesday is good because before we recess is at work in our classrooms, and then we meet together with other children, other masters , mistresses and others working on other things, the joint workshops.

It can even lead workshops and discover the activities with other children and also adults. If it was not Wednesday to school, I do not know if we could still make joint workshops once a week. If we finished at 16.30, it would also be more tiring because school days are longer and we would still have our activities later should therefore be fast, fast, still fast.

Working in five days, it was the work that is better organized, more peaceful and less stressful, less tiring. There, the school days are shorter and Wednesday it does not bother to go back to school. I did not like to stay home Wednesday morning and so I am happy because I found my friend-e-s, I work and I make things interesting. I prefer to finish work at 15.30 and go on Wednesday and have time at 15.30, it makes me even one more hour for activities.

I can go home but as I saw that there were lots of interesting things, well I asked my parents to sign up for activities and it does not bother me to stay up late … You have to stay like that, it’s much better for us. Besides, it is well organized.

The morning was full of energy to work in personal work, in French, math and afternoon, you can do other school activities and then move on to other things: play, see our other pals, do activities that we selected, and even do anything, just talk … in addition, we have a choice of many activities and you can even discover new ones. We have time to do these activities and we have time to work, so it’s going. What would be great is to eat together to noon Wednesday and then either go to the center or to go home.

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